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Interview with Zelimir Feitl from Croatia, World Champion Rotary Golf 2018 Division 1.

1-At what age did you start playing golf?
I started playing golf at 52 years of age. This was because Croatia didn’t have a golf course before.

2-What did you do to prepare for this tournament ?
In the last month or so I practiced and played golf at our golf course in Zagreb a little more frequent.

3-Did you have to fight to win or was it pretty easy for you?
It was a big fight with Mr. Anderson from US the last day of the tournament. I’m sorry that the last day was cancelend where both of us had a pretty good score, him 80 and myself 78.

4-What is your next (World) Championship?
It will be next year in Hamburg, but I will be playing for the Croatia 55+ team beginning of August in Finland for the European Championship.

5-Do you have any suggestions to attract younger players and more single handicappers to our tournament?
All of us together need to work to attract more youth to Rotary clubs which will automatically create more younger golf players who will be joining these kind of tournaments in the future.

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