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After the success and the exceptionally high demand for the European golf championship in Marrakech we decided to renew the experience and invite you to the 57th edition of the International golf championship in the beautiful and sunny city of Marrakech, Morocco. 

OCTOBER 30 -  NOVEMBER 5, 2022 

With its endless blue skies and sunny days Marrakech represents an ideal golfing destination. Its golf courses are beautifully designed and several of them offer breath taking views on the Atlas Mountains and other impressive landscapes. We have already pre-selected three of the most spectacular golf clubs for you:

– The Royal Palm Golf Club: a unique combination of luxury and sustainable development, the course resembles a spectacular garden that changes with the seasons

– Samanah Golf Club: one of the most recent golf courses in the Kingdom.100 hectares designed by the famous architectural firm “Nicklaus Design” and suitable for all levels of play

– Al Maaden Golf Club: an 18-holes championship course that spans 72 hectares, with a Par 72 and a total length of 6,569 meters (7,184 yards). It bears the signature of the famous architect Kyle PHILLIPS who has married between a Moroccan and Scottish touch.

Not only will this championship permit an amazing golfing experience but also the discovery of an ideal and exotic destination. Marrakesh is a vibrant and colourful city with a unique energy. You will be amazed by its beautiful mosques, enchanting palaces and thriving marketplaces known as souks where you can discover the exquisite Moroccan craft and all sort of souvenirs.

The program for non-golfers will make the most of all Marrakech’s treasures, taking companions through a unique local adventure with a tour guide giving detailed explanations behind the significant sites.

Hakim Tahri, President IGFR Morocco

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